Impulse Group Houston-- the newest chapter in the international Impulse United-- is launching August 4, 2018 in a tremendous way. Our official inaugural event, SOAKED!, will be at one of the most exclusive venues in the Greater Houston area, Cle' Day| Night Club. If you haven't been there before, think of what you would get if you mixed an upscale club with a beautiful pool in the middle. Sounds bomb, right? 

And, guess who's invited? Whether it is you or a bunch of your friends, we will be able to accommodate you. It is FREE, yes FREE, to get in and with a test for HIV or STI's done by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, we will upgrade you to VIP! You can't beat this and you surely don't want to miss this event!

Liquor will be pouring, celebrities will be flowing and the party will be going...Don't miss out!